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Pioneering, humanised solutions

AGGI is widely recognised as a leading investor and thought-leader. Through innovation, forward thinking and collaboration, we partner with future technologies in various sectors while adhering to a long-term value investment philosophy. We work ambitiously towards reaching our goals, and are proud of our status as pioneers in all areas of life enhancement.

Life Sciences

By shaping policy and treatment within the life sciences sector, AGGI is playing a pivotal role in both the expansion and innovation of this flourishing part of the healthcare ecosystem as it undergoes a transformative period. AGGI is forging a new path in life sciences through investment in emerging medical fields and innovative treatments such as elementology, genetics, genomics and epigenetics. By working closely with trusted experts, we have developed leading life science programmes that utilise the latest technology in diagnostics and treatments to create solutions based on the specific genetic code of an individual than can improve longevity.

The Omère Institute

This ground-breaking facility in Dubai is helping to build a new era of healthcare through proactive, integrated treatments that prevent disease and extend life. By creating personalised programmes, one-on-one at-home support, and the support of crucial research in cutting edge areas of preventative medicine, The Omère Institute is transforming traditional healthcare systems around the world and actively contributing to a futuristic vision of sustained youth and vibrant health.

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AGGI is altering the landscape of healthcare through bold investment in disruptive treatment solutions. Driven to improve quality of life and enhance global health systems, AGGI seeks new initiatives in the field of geriatric care to make a difference in the happiness and well-being of people around the world.


Specialising in elderly care, Vita is a centre of excellence that extends high levels of treatment all the way to your home. Vita is committed to providing unmatched solutions of prevention, diagnostic, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation in all areas of geriatric care.

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Wellness & Hospitality

Powered by a desire to deliver comprehensive solutions that are thoughtful, innovative and sustainable, AGGI is helping to elevate people’s lives and inspire a brighter tomorrow.


Let yourself be transported to a world of well-being at this sophisticated wellness retreat in Switzerland. LeCrans designs customised treatments that enable visitors to immerse themselves in tranquility and restore their mental and physical health.

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Real Estate

Equipped with an extensive global network of experienced and trusted partners, AGGI is able to create seamless investment opportunities with added value potential.

AGGI real estate is providing the following services:


Whether you want to use our extensive global network of investors and give us an opportunity to find a buyer for your commercial real estate asset, or as an investor, look for more assets to acquire, AGGI will support you in finding the best solution for you.


The fast-paced global markets ask for continuous attention. Our team of investment experts stand by your side to monitor the markets while keeping an eye on the risks. If you want to hear what type of assets would be the best choices for your personal preferences, we are here to advise you and look for the most suitable offers on the market that are in accordance with your investment objectives.


Esports in the Middle East has experienced a phenomenal boom in recent years, which is leading to an exciting evolution within the gaming community.

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Esports Management Group

A leading organisation based in Dubai, Esports Management Group is latching onto this flourishing field of entertainment.

EMG’s goal is to create a world class ecosystem that will add credibility and legitimacy to the esports sector, by providing business and tourism opportunities as well as a safe and sustainable environment for players.

EMG has built an influential network in the region by partnering with the Global Esports Federation, Arab Esports Federation, and the Emirates Esports Association. Guided by esports’ values of equality, fair play, diversity and innovation, EMG actively promotes the growth of esports in the UAE by staging numerous events across the calendar.

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